Seat course

  • Would you like to find a functional seat that allows you to develop as a rider?
  • Would you like to find a finer communication with your horse?

Did you maybe notice that commands like sit up straight, chest out, stomach in,  heels down and shoulders back are not necessarily  helping you? Do do whatever you can to sit pretty but soon collapses again. Without the proper balance and posture we simply cannot keep a position very long. Then we can neither move or communicate properly with our horse.

Now I offer a course where we during 4 lessons use theory and practice to work on our seat and posture. We work with movements and exercises to get to know our body better. You´ll learn how posture, core stability, breathing and imagery are connected and how it will make you a better rider. The goal is a better seat which allow us to communicate better with our horse. This course is suitable to all riding disciplines, regardless if you are doing AAoR, dressage, jumping, western, icelandic horse riding or anything else. The price of this course is 1600 SEK and travel costs (30 SEK/10 km) are additional.

I got in contact with the Franklin method®  during autumn 2018 and am now studying movement according to this method. The goal is to use a dynamic imagery, motivation and proper exercises to change your mind, to be able to change your body. A lot of focus is on every day life movements like breathing, posture, sitting and standing. What we do a lot becomes a habit and thee patterns we bring everywhere, for example sitting on the horse.

In this course I want to provide you with tools to find a posture that is not cumbersome, that won´t make you sit pretty for just a short while. We are not supposed to sit pretty, but to sit functionally and you will be given tools to change your seat yourself, even when no one is instructing you. We want a posture that is easy to maintain and that will give your joints and muscles the ability to move, so you can do what you want in the saddle. We will focus on everyday movements; posture, breathing and sitting. Every lesson start with a theory part without the horse where we will do lots of exercises to get to know our body and find new movement patterns, before we mount the horse and test the movements there.

  • Imagery and presence  
    Presence and concentration
    Dynamic imagery
    Effective movements
  • Dynamic posture
    Postural sway
    Counter balance
    Good and bad posture
    Central axis through your body planes
  • Dynamic core stability and breathing
    Core stability
    Tension and release
    Diaphragm and och pelvic floor
  • Pelvis and sitting
    Hip joints
    Movement of the pelvis
    Inner movements of the pelvis
    Seat bones
    Sitting and standing up

Good posture means well organized muscles and joints and that you can easily adopt different positions. Your core stabilizing muscles are active, but the other muscles are available for movement. With bad posture structures in the back get over stretched, you learn your head and shoulders to drop forward, inner organs are compressed and your circulation reduces. The muscles made for movement must activate to keep you straight and they easily tense and hurt. Sine the movement muscles are occupied keeping you straight you will be less movable. There is all reason to find a good posture, both in everyday life and on the horse back!

Every lesson is 45 minutes but a common, extended theory is possible if you are more than one, followed by individual riding lessons. The course is also available as two day courses or a concentrated weekend course. The course should be done in two months, but ideal is to take one lesson a week.

Welcome with  your questions: or facebook: Academic Art of Riding – Maria Holmström