Franklin method®

  • Would you like to find a functional seat that allows you to develop as a rider?
  • Would you like to find a finer communication with your horse?
  • Would you like to find soft, flexible and stable movements in yourself?
  • Would you like to breathe easily?

Did you ever notice that commands like sit up straight, chest out, stomach in,  heels down and shoulders back are not necessarily  helping you? Do do whatever you can to sit pretty but soon collapses again. Without the proper balance and posture we simply cannot keep a position very long. Then we can neither move or communicate properly with our horse.

I got in contact with the Franklin method®  2018 and am now studying movement according to this method.  I am a certified Franklin method equestrian pelvis trainer. The goal is to use a dynamic imagery, motivation and proper exercises to change your mind, to be able to change your body.  What we do a lot becomes a habit and these patterns we bring everywhere, for example sitting on the horse. By becoming aware of our patterns we can also change them.

Do you know the Franklin balls can help you to a deep and relaxed seat in just a few minutes?

Learning by doing is the motto and this means a lot of focus on exercises to increase our proprioception, the ability of knowing where our body parts are placed in relation to each other and the surroundings. To this is added applied anatomy, always with the intention of you feeling the changes in your body, for you to make conscious choices of how you want to live your life. You will become your own best body therapist! In addition to our mind we also use Franklin balls and elastic bands to aid us to a better body awareness.

Private lessons

Are you interested in the Franklin method and want to try out seat lessons according to this method? The lesson is 30 minutes and we will work on your unique seat. The price is 500 SEK in addition to travel costs of 30 SEK/10 km, which is shared by all riders.

Welcome with  your inquiries: or facebook: Academic Art of Riding & Franklin method – Maria Holmström

Day and weekend courses

I am available for day and weekend courses according to the Franklin method, to create a good dynamic posture on the horse back. In this course we combine theory and riding as you chose.

Welcome with  your inquiries: or facebook: Academic Art of Riding & Franklin method – Maria Holmström