Ride from your heart

Riding from your heart is developing your sensitivity. Go into your heart and turn off the ego of your head that will bring you analyses of how it “should” look like, how the horse “should” move and all the other “should” that may pop up in your head. Do not misunderstand me, you definitely need a head for when training horses, but you do not need the inner, doubting voice. The one than blocks you and make you distrust what you feel.

To get down in your heart you need to breathe deeply, in and out, far down in your belly. Breathe in new energy and breathe out the bad energy. Let go of your thoughts at try just to exist, here and now in the moment. Only you and the horse exist right now.

Only you and the horse exist right now.

Continue breathing and start training your horse. Do not analyze but feel what is happening. Allow yourself to be filled up by the horse movements and find the softness in them. If you  can feel a small tension, can you soften in that spot in your own body? If you feel the horse to fall out on a shoulder, can you see the horse  straighten up in an inner picture?

Just continue breathing calmly and become one with your horse, feel your horse and notice how small signals are needed to tell the horse what we want.