Training and riding of horses does of course demand a large portion of practical experience, but to improve your theoretical knowledge is of course also very valuable. If you do not know why you do a certain exercise during your training, and what you want to accomplish with it, you will never reach your full potential. It is first when we understand why and how we should do something that we can build up our training in a way that is improving both ourselves and our horses.

Academic Art of Riding
* Academic Art of Riding – Bent Branderup
* Ridning with a Curb – Bent Branderup
* Skola din häst till ökad samling och hållbarhet – (Swedish only) – Katrin Wallberg
* Ridning för kropp och själ – (Swedish only) – Gith Karlsson

Old masters
* The art of horsemanship – Xenophon – Download here
* A general system of horsemanship – William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle
* A method of horsemanship – Francois Baucher – Download here
* A treatise upon horsemanship – Francois Robichon de la Guérinière – Download here
* A school of horsemanship – Francois Robichon de la Guérinière
* Gymnasium of the horse – Gustav Steinbrecht
* The maneige royal – Antoine De Pluvinel
* Ridskola innehållande cavaleri- eller fält- samt högskolan jemte dithörande dressurer – (Swedish only) H. H. Anrep – Download here