Ride with the Franklin method

Today was the first time I was riding my horses again after starting my Franklin method training. It was an amazing feeling in my body and my horses were doing great. What did I do? Well,  today I just used my imagination and recalled the feeling in my body that I had obtained in the Franklin method equestrian pelvis training.

In the Franklin method training we were learning a lot about anatomy and movement of the pelvis. This included bones, muscles, fascia and movement in the joints. The hip joints were of course also included as well as the sacrolumbar connections. And of course the pedagogy of the Franklin method was taught, a pedagogy I very much like. It is really learning by doing. If you can feel a difference in your own body, and it is a difference to the better, you will be more likely to use your new knowledge than if you know all the little bony points in the pelvis region but you have no clue what to use it for.

Even if imagery is the corner stone of the Franklin method it may be most known for its balls and bands. By using balls and bands on our body and in the saddle when riding we can improve our proprioception, the awareness where our body parts are placed in space and in relation to other parts.

During the Franklin course we were riding the mechanical horse Martha, using imagery, balls and bands, and it was very efficient in creating a better seat. Today when I was riding my horses I didn’t use any balls or bands, but could still copy the feeling I had during the course. It was present in my body memory and I was imagining things like crazy. There were springs in my joints, a pole through my body, my clavicles were free and shining light into the world, I had dolphins jumping with me and I imagined my legs as attached by strings to my pelvis, so they could hang long and loose. And I was breathing deep, oh so deep. It was really great fun and the horses were responding to it by being great! Do you want to know more about the Franklin method? Well, I need some “guinea pigs” to practice teaching the Franklin method. I will teach for free but won’t drive too far. You can of course always come to me with your horse, then there is a paddock fee of 50 SEK. If you are interested please send me an email: or contact me on facebook.