The frame – where the magic happens

What a wonderful day it has been! I continued my training to become a horse origopath by balancing some horses. I am so grateful to the owners they allow me to meet their horses and train on them, and hopefully make their day a bit better too. After the balancings I was training my own horses. It was an almost religious expericence riding Bröta today. We were so into each other, both mentally and physically and that touched me soo deeply. I am so lucky to have such a horse!

Then, how come the ride could move me so deeply? Well, last weekend I was attending a clinic for my trainer, Celina Harich. Yesterday I wrote a blog post about it in Swedish. Shortly, we were working on keeping the horse in the frame, or in-between the aids. Whenever a hindleg starts pushing more than it is carrying, I ask it to move into the frame, and whenever Bröta is hanging on a frontleg I ask her to move away from it. The hindlegs I feel in my seat, the litte circles my seatbones are making due to the horse movement, forward down and backwards up. If these circles are uneven, oval or egg-shaped I need to adjust them into even circular movements, equally big for both hindlegs.  For example, Bröta easily drops her right hindleg on the left circle, and I feel this as the half circle backwards up is getting more oval insted of circular. Then I just add a tiny leg aid to ask the hindleg to come into the frame and step under to the point of weight.

Today I was doing exactly this. Focusing so much inwards, feeling how the hindlegs were moving underneath. Asking Bröta to stay inbetween my aids and not push. I went so well! We had long periods where we really stayed within the frame and then riding is so soft. I could feel Bröta starting to loose it, add a soft aid and again feel the relaxation of her into the frame. Sure, we lost it every now and then, but then I could just quitely ask her to come into my seat and frame and she did, over and over again we got into the frame. And in the frame the magic happens! Thank you so much Celina for reminding my about this! With your guidance I could again start feeling again and use my sensations to create something good. My clinic lessons were so perfect in timing. This was exactly what I needed to hear and do. Let the magic continue!