My horses – my teachers – my love

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Today I had a great training session with my day-to-day teachers – my horses. I am so grateful for their patience with me, when I am learning.  They, in their very own different form, teach me how to ride, and frankly, how to become a better human being.

Bröta is teaching me to be very precise. She is so sensitive to any kind of changes in my point of weight. If I wobble just a tiny, little bit then she do too, but she is also rewarding me with marvelous movements when we are just floating through the air in harmony.  She needs me soft,  relaxed, and present, both physically, mentally and spiritually. If any part is lacking then she does not want to play. I need to open myself to the flow of love, of thoughts, of sensations, of feelings and project it all in what we are doing. Being 100% present in the moment.


My dear, sweet Mira teaches me about respect for different kinds of bodies, and how working the mind will create an effort in the body. How to simplify things and the true meaning of less is more. How to stay soft yet stable, open yet focused, and strong yet vulnerable. How encouragement and making an effort is the key to learning.

I love my horses deeply – thank you for allowing me in your life!