The onion

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Living in a horse bubble and training like an onion. This is what an internship is all about.

I just love being an intern here at Bent’s place. As an intern you go into a horse bubble and just live, breathe and love horses. I have found such peace and harmony within, and have wonderful conversations with wonderful people. I learn so much about horses in all different ways.

Last week I had a lesson in hand work with Bröta. I have been practising the hand work on my own during the weekend and combined it with a bit of riding. The good thing is I feel I have already gained benefits from the hand work in my riding, with increased lightness and suppleness. Great! With time and training you always find more details and better quality. It is like peeling an onion, one layer at a time. The things you do today can feel great, but in a year you could have gone further into the details, or peeled more layers of the onion, and then you have an even better feeling of that thing you already felt was good a year ago. Isn’t it great that you can always improve? It is a life long journey… I wonder how many layers of the onion I will be peeling during my internship. I really look forward to it. Did I mention I love being here?! 😉